PurumoeAngel_Yuki Asakura 1.0.0


PurumoeAngel_Yuki Asakura

My name is Yuki Asakura. I love cats.
Because I found the secret base of cat's in the neighborhood, I go every day recently.

Hello, cats.
What shall we do today?

Please enjoy a sweet and cute voice.

The object of the game is to fill the meter on the left by touching the flashing pink dot that appears on the the character while avoiding to touch the flashing blue dot that appears because it will fill the meter on the right. When you have completely filled the meter on the left you will be taken to the next stage. There is also a special stage after stage two.

There is background music and the character's voice that can be heard so be aware of this. There is a mute setting that can be activated at the beginning of the game.

Compatible with Android 2.2 or later.
Adobe AIR is required.
(Please make sure you have the latest versions of Adobe Air and Flash Player.)

beautiful chest, beautiful girl, miniskirt, twintail, white dress

Last Updated:2011-09-18 10:33:22
File size:6MB
OS:Android 2.2 and up

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